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The Malayalam “vayal” means paddy field and “nadu” means land that’s how the district got this name Wayanad. This land is only district is sharing its border with Karnataka and Tamilnadu. This heaven land is hollowed with thick green forest and peak stations. No words to say much about Wayanad that much beautiful of sightseeing includes surrounding area of Wayanad. The atmospheric condition is also suitable for the people who like to enjoy the cool climate. To adore the summer holidays Wayanad is the best place than the other districts of Kerala. at the same time this place is renowned in terms of its atventure activities like trekking, camping, tree house, boat race etc.

Wildlife sanctuary and Bird sanctuary

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The strong side of Wayanad is the green thick forest and wild life sanctuaries. The peoples who fed up with the cement forest and traffic blocks they can realize value of life by nature at Wayanad. The both sides of narrow road is completely covered with forest, in between the road we can find many wild animals like dears, wild bullock, rabbits, even elephants etc. The other view of forest is the tribal sellers who sells the gooseberries, guava etc. the different coloured birds are the other attraction of Wayanad. Freedom is the ownership for all living things. The Wayanad bird sanctuary is doing the vital role to preserve the birds without create any fence for them.

Edakkal Cave

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The Edakkal cave is located 1200 km above the sea level. There are two natural caves are included in the Edakkal cave. The walk way is the only way to reach at the top of Edakkal cave. Till the ticket booking centre we can hire the jeep safari after that there is no other option just need to climb on each rocks of cave. Off ride adventure trip we can enjoy at Edakkal cave. The pure natural water is available at the first cave of Edakkal cave. This is really amazing experience for the tourists who like to visit the cave and its paranomic view.


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Kuruvadweep is an island with different species of fauna and flora. This fabulous island is surrounded by the rivers so there is no way to enter into it. The Kerala tourism department is provided by the raft to carry the passenger from one side to another.

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