Kanyakumari- The Sunrise Destination of Asia

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The goddess Kanya Kumari is the sister of Lord Krishna, that’s how this place got this name. The word Kanya kumari means young lady same as the word meaning Kanyakumari is always being as a young lady. The beach of Kanyakumari is cleaning its sea shore in every second. As a traveller we can feel the sadness of beach at the time of separation of sun from its hands in the morning. And the happiness of beach at the time of holds the sun in the evening. Heart full of love is given by the beach to the people who believe on it. The other face of Kanyakumari is the panoramic view of high ranges, numerous lands of paddy fields, noteworthy islands and more.

Vivekanda Rock and Tiruvalluvar statue

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Vivekanda Rock and Tiruvalluvar statue both are located in the island of Kanyakumari. These are the upmost attraction of Kanyakumari. The epic belief of Vivekanda rock is, swami vivekanda preferred this rock for his meditation and pray. Later it becomes as a holy land for the believers of swami Vivekanda. This rock is presented the 360 ⁰ beach view for the tourists. There are many ferry boats are available at the main land to carry the travellers to the rock. And in between the journey there is a boarding point to watch the Tiruvalluvar statue. Thiruvalluvar is the author of Thirukkural, this is a main chapter for the Tamilians. The government had created this statue for the sign of Thiruvalluvar and the statue is symbol for wealth and pleasure of people.


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Peraruvi, Chitraruvi like nearly ten waterfalls we can see in and around Kuttralum. In between the hillocks the millions of white peals are struggling to fall from the top. The fabulous milky snows are lying over the hip of waterfall to increase the beauty of Kuttralam waterfalls. The waters are falling from the top after the purification process of herbal plants, pure sun rays, and then it falls over the body of tourists. The pure water will cool your mind and heart equally; there are separate provision for the men and women to take their bathe.

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