• Where Gods shower their blessings forever!

    Published by dreamkeralapackages on Oct 03, 19

    God’s own country is what they call, Kerala. It is blessed with generous locales, showered with immense beauty and unique culture. Sometimes we may feel that our language really lack adjectives to describe the eternal beauty of Kerala. Kerala is the state which comprises of 44 tranquil rivers, flowing through all the 14 districts. The outstanding beauty and unique culture not only attracts local tourists but also international travellers across the globe. There are numerous features which captivate visitors to the state. Irrespective of the seasonal changes Kerala always surprises its travellers in amazing ways and creates a special place in their minds. Sun-toasted beaches, pristine backwaters, elegant houseboat cruises, green meadows of spices and tea, beautiful and rare species of animals and birds, lofty and stupendous mountains and so on. The list never ends. Some tourists visit the state with an aim to rejuvenate in revitalising herbal centres like Ayurveda. Some visit Kerala for business deals or simply to refresh with family and friends. Whatever may be the purpose, the ultimate aim of travellers is to explore the spectacular beauty of Kerala. The tropical climate, cultural art forms like Kathakali, Ottan Thulal, Mohiniyattom, Theyyam, Mudiyattom etc and adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rafting, diving, paragliding and etc are the other major components for travellers to choose Kerala for their memorable trips.

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    Published by dreamkeralapackages on Oct 28, 19

    Honeymoon days are an important phase of life that every couple is excited about. This trip is always special because you will be going with your soul mate, your life partner the one who was destined only for you to get married and spend your entire life with him. Couples will always remember the places as well as those lovely moments they spend with each other on their romantic trip. They are always looking for some exotic and romantic places where they can feel the romance is in the air. The bride and groom are always anxious about their honeymoon and marriage period. It means a lot to them. They already have everything prepared. What they will wear? How many functions they will have in their marriage? Which place will they go for their dream honeymoon? And so on.

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  • 10 Reasons why North Kerala is an Eccentric Honeymoon destination

    Published by dreamkeralapackages on Nov 26, 19

    Being called the paradise on earth, the state of Kerala has got its unique travel destinations that you can find nowhere else in the world. However, for most travellers, it would be the immensely beautiful hills of Munnar, Pristine beaches of Kovalam and Varkala or the elegant backwaters of Alappuzha. There is yet another exotic side of this god's own country. The northern part this long strip of land amid the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats can be explored more. And once you are surprised with the real beauty of this land, you may readily pick these places as your honeymoon destination.
    Below listed are some of those places in North Kerala that could be the perfect places to spend your lovely moments together.
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