Honeymoon days are an important phase of life that every couple is excited about. This trip is always special because you will be going with your soul mate, your life partner the one who was destined only for you to get married and spend your entire life with him. Couples will always remember the places as well as those lovely moments they spend with each other on their romantic trip. They are always looking for some exotic and romantic places where they can feel the romance is in the air. The bride and groom are always anxious about their honeymoon and marriage period. It means a lot to them. They already have everything prepared. What they will wear? How many functions they will have in their marriage? Which place will they go for their dream honeymoon? And so on.


I being a girl always wanted to go for some exotic and lovely place for my honeymoon where I can have the best time and unforgettable memories with my hubby. Being a North Indian I wanted to go to such a place where I and my better half can have some quality time together and nurture the best moments of our life. As we hail from Delhi we were not able to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is one of the crowded and busiest cities in the country. Here, people have no time to relax and unwind. We wanted a relaxing break before we step into our hustle-bustle life and spend a good time. As well as while going back we could collect the best memories for our life. That’s why we were careful while selecting the destinations as well as travel partners to make our trip awesome and trouble-free. We were planning to go somewhere in south India for our honeymoon. While going through various romantic places in southern parts we came across the beautiful state, Kerala. The serene nature and untouched beauty grabbed our minds and we decided to select it as a destination for our honeymoon. Kerala is very popular among couples and honeymooners who are planning to go on their romantic trip. As this place is completed with nature when you go there you feel that you are in the arms of Mother Nature. After completing our discussion and choosing the place we were looking for some honeymoon packages to Kerala that can be covered in our budget.

While we were checking for tourist companies we came across a tour operator by name Dream holidays .This tourist agency really had good reviews from travellers and honeymooners. They also had interesting and adventurous tour packages to Kerala. I and my hubby wanted to do something adventurous and memorable on our honeymoon so we decided to go for an adventurous trip to Kerala and availed their package... The travel operators booked our flight tickets from Delhi (DEL)-Kochi (COK). We had planned our trip for 4 days. We had our flight at 6:00 am from Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and we reached Cochin International Airport (COK) at 09:10 am it was only a 3 hours 10 minutes journey. After having our travel from Delhi to Kochi we went to our hotel to leave our luggage and to have our lunch as well as to take some rest. Our hotel was nearby the airport. Tour representatives were there to receive us. They guided us to the hotel. After finishing the check-in process, we were allocated our rooms. They had provided a honeymoon suite. The room provided by the hotel was perfect and it really had a good view as well. After dropping the luggage we planned to have a tour in Kochi. As Kochi city is known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’, we opted to walk through the streets and explore its awe-inspiring beauty.

On the first day of our trip, we planned to look for beaches and have some local Kerala food. The first place that we visited in Kerala was Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi is a popular region in this city. This place is mainly visited by many foreigners. As you can find many local markets, you can buy some fancy showpieces for your home. Different cuisines restaurants are also seen there to satiate your hunger. After walking in the market we went to the beach where we could see some huge ships and cruises in the shipyard. Kochi has one of the biggest shipyard and marine port of India. We had a great time at the beach clicked some good pictures and had a walk on the white sand and witnessed the saffron sky after the sunset. After watching the splendid sun-set we went to have our dinner. We entered into a local restaurant where we ate Kerala style beef curry locally called as Nadan Beef with some Porotta and Kerala rice. The food was delicious. After having the food we also had a sweet dish called “Payasam” for dessert. Filling our stomachs with delicious food we head back to our travel took a local bus and went to our hotel. The local bus services are a lot here which are always in not a long time. But drivers here are kind of not good they drive very rough. Successfully we reached our hotel after having a long trip we head to our beds and fell asleep as in the morning we had to wake early to go to our next destination.

Our next destination was a hill station as we didn’t have many days to visit all the places together. The next day we woke up early in the morning had our breakfast and our car was ready to drive us till Munnar. The driver provided by the hotel was good and understanding. He was a fun-loving who accompanied us on our journey to Munnar. The distance between Kochi and Munnar was about 129.7 km that took us around 4 hours to reach. We left our hotel at 8.00 am after breakfast and had reached by the time of lunch. On our drive to Munnar, we came across the scenic beauty of Kerala. The huge big trees that surrounded Ghats on the hilly area were mesmerizing. It was like a driver through nature. On our way, we also had some homemade ice creams in the ice cream parlour at the hilltop. The taste of the ice cream was delicious I never tasted such ice cream in my life. After that, we went to explore the tea plantation estates. It says that these estates export tea from India to outskirts. They look dazzling beautiful in reality it looks like a green carpet. Munnar is the best place for honeymoon destinations. We also brought some cashew nuts from here as they have the best cashew nuts as well as some tea products. We also went to the echo point where we called out our names several times. Also, we had a great view at this point. It has a unique beauty that comprises of three beautiful mountains that are completely covered with grass. Each mountain has its name like Mudraouzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. It is located on the banks of the lake; the calm and serenity are eye-catching. In our entire journey, Munnar was one of the places where we enjoyed a lot.

Munnar was phenomenal. We thought of booking a hotel in Munnar so that we can be relaxed. The next day we headed towards another stop, a waterfall place called Kuthumkal waterfalls that is also situated in Munnar. This waterfall is a very charming picnic spot. It is around 29 km away from Munnar. It took us around 1 hour 10 min to reach there by car. The drive till Kuthumkal waterfall was pretty good. Over there, we played like kids we were back to the childhood days we splashed water on each other. Took some amazing photos in the water. The place was very calm and quiet it was like pin-drop silence. One can sit and meditate over there. We met many locals over there as well some families. It is a good spot for families as well for honeymooners. After spending 2 days in Munnar it was time to say goodbye to the place. It was a bit difficult but yet we were left with 1 more day and more amazing places were on our to-do list.

It was the 3rd day of our trip and our tour coordinators requested us to go to Palakkad. Palakkad was farther from Munnar it was about 144 km from Kochi by car it took 3 hours and 30 min around. We enjoyed our drive-by listening to music and talking to each other. On the way to our place, we witnessed many fascinating sceneries as well as some waterfalls flowing between the mountains. The highways were surrounded by tall trees. Palakkad is popularly known as the 'Gateway of Kerala'. This beautiful district connects Tamil Nadu and Kerala. And therefore one could experience a fusion of Tamil Nadu and Kerala culture over here. Next, we headed to Palakkad fort. It is popular by the nickname 'Tipu’s Fort'. It was rebuilt by Hyder Ali in the last 18th century. It is among the most preserved forts in Kerala. We didn’t spend a lot of time here but yes I can say one thing that the architecture of the fort is beautifully crafted. From Palakkad, we went to Nelliyampathy Hill Station. It is not so far from Palakkad it is only 61 km and 1-hour journey by road. It is famous for its coffee plantations and foggy mountains. The views of the mountains here are very pleasant and the place is very calm and quiet. It is a good place for the forest adventure. We, both practised trekking over there. After that, we went boating in the lake.

We were impressed by the services provided by the dream holidays. Biding goodbye to Kerala was pretty tricky as you say goodbyes are always tricky. We boarded our flight to Delhi from Kochi. We are happy to say that we are very lucky to spend the most memorable and romantic days of our life in 'God's own country'. The pristine lakes, tranquil waters, misty mountains, green meadows, pleasant climate, and so on all these made our journey mind-blowing. Kerala is a place which I am surely going to recommend to the newly married friends for their honeymoon destination. Cheap and best tour packages are suitable for the travellers who are planning to have a solo trip or with friends to Kerala. Again we are back to our hustle-bustle life in the capital of India. Kerala, you found a very special place in our hearts. We will always remember those lovely Kerala days till the last breath of our life.

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