Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni, Kundaly these three rivers are flowing over this peak station to fertile the land of Munnar. In Malayalam munnu means three and aru means river that how Munnar got this name. In each part of Munnar is being unique because of it different landscape. Munnar is completely covered with green velvet that is the most mind blowing sightseeing. More over this land is attracting the tourists from different corner of world to enjoy the natural touched beauty. the following are the best tourist destination in Munnar

Eravikulam National park

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Almost all season we can find a big queue to visit the Eravikulam national park at Munnar. The private vehicles are not allowed to travel over the park. This park is promising you 1 hour journey in the lap of forest with nice sightseeing of wild animals as well as the motley species of birds. It will be really worth for the tourists who are all from different part of world. Feel the real beauty of nature from the Eravikulam national park.


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Mattupetty is one of the nice important dams in Kerala to produce the hydro electric power. And also which is the main dam in Munnar for the irrigation purpose. The surrounding area of dam is filled with forest and wild animals. Boat service is the major attractions of Mattupetty. Houseboat, and speed boat services are functioning over the dam to attract the tourists.

The tea museum

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The wide ranges of tea plantation are presenting most amazing view for the tourists. But we don’t know how to make these tea powers from the tea leave. Tea museum is the best solution to resolve our curiosity of tea making and its process. The first stage of tea leaves plucking till the end stage of tea power that all process we can find from the tea museum. The different machineries and photographs are showcased before the visitors to understand the history of tea plantation.

Eco point

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Because of the natural eco phenomenon this place is called as eco point. How many times we raise our voice that many times it will be revert our voice back. That is the specialty of eco point; this is the final destination of Munnar. Nilakuriji flowers are blooming over this peak station in every 12 year. We can feel it as beautiful vivid flower carpet over the hill station. This is the perfect time to visit Munnar for our holidays.

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