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Athirapally Waterfalls- Perfect Destination for Enjoyment

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Kerala's biggest waterfall is the Athirapilly waterfall; water is flowing from the 80 feet of height from the sholayar rainforest. From that itself we can understand how much big it is. The surrounding area of Athirapilly is fully filled with roar sound of waterfall. Athirapilly waterfall is the king of other waterfalls in Kerala. It’s proudly and richness is being out of imagination of human being.

Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls

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Athirapilly and Vazhachal are located in the Chalakkudy Panchayath, Thrissur district. The sides of Vazhachal road are wholly filled with green forest with wild fauna and flora. From the starting point of zigzag road itself we can hear the roar sound of waterfalls. Our breathtaking will increase when we reach nearest to this destination. Waterfall is the heaviest face of water that dangerous face we can find from the Athirapilly vazhachal. The nearby area of Vazhachal waterfall is situated by the thick forest that’s why the forest is the home for the huge amount of fauna and flora. State bird of Kerala Hornbill birds is the attractive species of Vazhachal

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